The Book of Haiku Haiku Love

Yesterday we published the 837th haiku.

We don’t know what to say.

Jens, who’s really the “we” here that’s just being kept up for consistency, had originally written 1,000 haiku, or short love poems.

We aren’t going to publish the remainder. They’re not beautiful enough, anymore, even though Haiku Haiku Love had a share of freestyled haiku that may meet standards of romance, but not of literary criticism.

What’s beautiful enough is what Jens and a few friends selected as the haiku they liked the most. Not 1,000, not 837, not even 200, but 199.

These 199 haiku are what we recommend to you now, at the end, at least the temporary one, of Haiku Haiku Love.

Thank you for exploring our poetry: 199 Love Haiku. It’s been a wonderful journey with all of you. Much love.