Hi. We’re Haiku Haiku Love.

Haiku Haiku Love loves haiku. Love haiku. Little love poems. We hope really pretty romantic ones (as well as really cheesy ones), but we’re no literary critics and this is all on you to decide 🙂

“Haiku, 俳句, is a very short form of Japanese poetry,” says Wikipedia by the way. Yet our poetry is haiku, sometimes senryū, somehow freestyle, certainly not—as it’s not a must—always 5-7-5. We’re relaxed about the distinctions.

Then, we’ve just started with Haiku Haiku Love and we’re excited to see where this is all going.

For the moment, if you’re interested in learning more about haiku or in reading more of them, check out some of our favorites.

And, oh, hey, we’re on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+—and even on Instagram for the quite frequent photo haiku! Say hi when you’re around ♥

Jens now shares the story behind Haiku Haiku Love: On Writing 1,000 Poems 🙋‍♂️